Sleepwalkers 2007

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Denny Newman - Sleepwalking With You (2007) [APE|Lossless]278,1 МБ 1 0

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Sleepwalkers / Sleepwalkers (2007)

A bike messenger, an electrician, a postal worker, a business man and an office worker make their way through an evening in New York City. A collection of eight large-scale moving images projected on the walls of New York's Museum of Modern Art.

House of Nightmares: Sleepwalkers / Kabuslar Evi: Uyurgezerler (2007)

House of Nightmares: Sleepwalkers / Kabuslar Evi: Uyurgezerler (2007)

Tolga is a science-fiction writer who has never been able to achieve the success of his first book. The signature day of his last book also results in a fiasco. Tolga, who has become a depressed soul, also fights with his lover Ebru and is abandoned. Tolga comes to the Nightmare House, which is far from the crowd of the city, hoping to listen to herself and to catch the muse again. Here, when he wakes up in the morning, the fatigue he does not make sense and some strange events he encounters drag Tolga into the chaos he cannot get out of. The fierce struggle confronts a father and son. Are the dream thieves two vampires, or two souls trapped in different universes and sizes, in the words of this father-son Tolga?